"Once you have mastered a new aspect of technique it must be repeated around 10 000 times before it becomes engraved in your brain."
i.e. the movement pattern becomes subconscious and feels natural
Ulrik Larsen
Peak performance shoulder injuries special report 2004

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why workout with a Personal Fitness Trainer?
A wide range of people, not just the rich and famous, recognise that using a Personal Trainer is simply the safest, fastest, most effective and enjoyable way to achieve and maintain health and fitness results. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, sporty or not. The difference is that highly skilled Personal Trainers recognise that you are a unique individual and will customise their support to you accordingly.
Someone who is ‘new’ to exercise will receive a very different service to someone who already trains regularly.
The job of a Personal Trainer is to ensure that you are using the correct techniques, addressing weak areas and doing it all at the right speed and intensity. Even experienced exercisers can benefit. Kate puts it plainly: "I’m horrified at the number of people regularly attending gyms and causing themselves more harm than good using unsafe technique, mundanely sticking to the same routines and machines and even appearing to not enjoy themselves."

How quickly can I expect to see results?
This will vary, however the average non-active person who then exercises three times per week can expect to see results in 6 - 8 weeks.
Despite all that the dieting industry has to say, there are no magic formulas and even personal trainers can’t work miracles. Kate firmly believes in helping her clients make sustainable, long term changes to their health.

I have high blood pressure/diabetes/ asthma/arthritis/am pregnant/have recently had a baby/am recovering from an injury etc. Can I still benefit from using a personal trainer?
Definitely. A substantial part of Kate’s training involved working with so called ‘specific health need’ clients and adapting exercises and workouts accordingly. In today's information saturated world it can be very confusing and difficult to determine what is safe to do. Training with Kate gives you easy access to expert knowledge and your own personal guide to help you through the maze of conflicting advice available.

What equipment do I need?
All you need are appropriate shoes and clothing. You will have access to a wide range of training equipment and we will monitor your heart rate during workouts.
Peak Fitness has negotiated special discounts for customers at selected retail outlets.

How often should I see my personal trainer?
This varies from individual to individual. Once we’ve established your goals and assessed your fitness levels, we will determine how much support and specifically what type of support would work best for you. Most people tend to have a trainer supported session once per week. This is generally the session they find hardest to complete on their own. Once healthy habits and sound techniques are established then contact tends to reduce. However some people are happy to train on their own and just come for a few sessions to have their fitness assessed and an exercise plan designed (Please see our ‘Quick Fix’ package). Others team up with someone else with similar goals, in order to make sessions more affordable. There are lots of possibilities.

I don’t really like gyms, will I have to join one?
No. Peak Fitness offers an refreshing alternative to the traditional Personal Training available in gyms. Many of Peak Fitness’s programmes make use of the great outdoors, alternatively you can train with Kate in the privacy of your own home. She strives to be flexible, doing what suits your needs best.