"As a busy, working mum who spends most of my time putting other peoples needs first, I really value having Kate, prioritise my needs and do all the planning and preparation for me. All I have to do is turn up. Each session has a different focus so it’s never dull and although they are definitely challenging I’m left with a deep feeling of satisfaction with myself."
Claire Larsen, Scientist

Personal Training - Peak Fitne
Personal Training - Peak Fitne

Prices & Packages

Single session (60 minutes): CHF120.00
Single session 2 people (60 minutes): CHF160.00

Get a FREE session for every friend you introduce , who books a minimum of 3 sessions.

Small group outdoor workouts & half day'mountain' sessions are available on request. Please use our contact form to tell us what you'd like.

Peak Fitness Packages:

The Total Makeover
Introduction to Nordic Walking
The Running Programme
The Quick Fix

These packages represent excellent value for money and are suitable for all levels of fitness. Each Fitness Training sessions is completely personalised to suit your specific needs and goals. The training sessions take place in a mixture of indoor and outdoor settings and because we all get bored if we repeat the same thing too often, no two workouts are ever the same.

'The Total Makeover'

This is a superb confidence builder that kick starts you into healthy, sustainable habits. It’s a holistic package that focuses on your total wellbeing.

Divided into 10 sessions it includes:

  • A fully comprehensive health & fitness appraisal
  • An exercise programme that is continually modified to produce maximum results
  • 6 one-to-one supported training sessions
  • A nutritional analysis and healthy eating action plan
  • 1 massage session or fitness reassessment

Be energised and transform yourself!

'Introduction to Nordic Walking'

Find out why so many people are finding Nordic walking is a perfect way to getting and staying fit. There’s just something about it that makes it so much more pleasurable than normal walking. Not to mention the fact that you’ll burn more calories. This package is particularly suitable for small groups.
Divided into 2 sessions it covers:
  • learning the correct technique, advice on training intensities, some additional fat burning exercises and how to stretch safely and effectively afterwards

Further details are available on request. Please use our contact form.

'The Running Programme'

"We run for our hearts and our bones, to melt away body fat and steel up strength, to prevent illness and to extend life." Claire Kowalchik - The Complete book of Running for Women
This package is aimed at people who think they aren’t runners, those new to running, those who want to get back into running after having a break and those who would like to train for a particular event.

Divided into 8 sessions it includes:
  • fully comprehensive health and fitness appraisal
  • 6 one-to-one supported training sessions
  • an action plan for you to take away

Learn proven techniques to conquer hills, increase your speed and transform your running. You don’t have to be a runner already you just need the desire to succeed.

'The Quick Fix'

This makes an ideal gift. It gives you a flavour of how working with a Personal Trainer can add value to your workouts. This works particularly well for people who already exercise regularly and are motivated to train unsupported.

Divided into 3 sessions it includes:
  • A health and fitness appraisal
  • An action plan to take away

Prices are subject to terms and conditions and may change without notification.