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Highly Effective Strategies for Healthy Living

Here are a few of the healthy living strategies and tips recommended by Peak Fitness and successfully in use. Naturally they won't all work for you and some may need adapting but feel free to give them a try. For further guidance or information about how to apply them in your life, taking into account your individual circumstances please contact Kate using the contact form.

    Front load your eating – This involves eating the majority of your daily calorific needs during the first half to two thirds of the day and takes the well known ‘always eat breakfast' advice one step further. The thinking behind this little gem is that irrespective of whether you are trying to loose weight or not, it's better to not get hungry. If you let yourself get too hungry you're more likely to both over eat and make unhealthy choices. Eating well during the day reduces the chances of you being hungry towards the end of the day. This is when you are often physically and mentally tired and more likely to consume less than healthy choices, particularly if you feel you've been restrained all day.

This strategy works well for those who struggle to find enough energy for their workouts, those wanting to make long term changes to their weight and even with children.

    Follow the 10 minute rule – for those days when it's a struggle to get out and exercise, when the comfort of the sofa looms large. Tell yourself you're only going out for 10 mins, longer than that only if you feel up to it. Nine times out of ten you'll feel good enough after 10 minutes to continue.

    Do something different and keep things fresh – adding variety into what we eat and do can be highly motivating. Research demonstrates that most people find it easier to start to adopt healthy behaviours but struggle to maintain them. Also as your body adapts very quickly it's important to keep changing the stimulus to ensure you keep making progress.

    Balance on one leg as you brush your teeth – sounds a bit mad, but will improve your balance and strengthen a load of muscles in your legs. It's a bit like always taking the stairs and walking an extra stop for the tram. It's an easy way of sneaking in a new habit into an already busy schedule. Balance is a much neglected area that accounts for a surprisingly high percentage of falls. Plus, in case you're still not convinced, the ankle joint is probably the most commonly injured body part. Neglect this area of your body at your peril.

    Progress to one legged squats, (ensuring your knee stays in line above your toes) and closing your eyes.

    Post a coloured dot/star above your computer screen – to help reduce slouching and re-train your body into habitually adopting better posture. Whenever the dot or star catches your eye use it to remind yourself to sit up straight and tall. Imagine someone gently pulling a string that is attached to the middle of the top of your scull. At the same time squeeze your shoulder blades together and down, hold for 5-10 seconds and relax. Obviously over time you'll have to change the reminder in order for it to be effective.

    Swop an easy/long run for a Nordic walking session. Many recreational runners do all their running at the same pace, thereby missing out on a load of health benefits. Swopping one of your runs for a Nordic walking session will not only strengthen your back and shoulder muscles but help your body become more efficient at burning fat by working your heart and lungs at a lower intensity than running.

Making small changes to your daily life can have a big effect on your health and wellbeing. Take charge of your body today and watch it change for the better.

Every care is taken to assure the accuracy of the information provided by Peak Fitness, but no responsibility can be accepted for the consequence of actions based on the advice contained here.